An Interesting Month

So I said here.

And so it has been.

Likely nothing further will crop up here until this coming weekend, or a few days beyond that into May. A few brief thoughts:

RavenCon, this past weekend, was brilliant. I have much more to say about this.

SHEA, the weekend prior, was both fun and productive. I have a bit more to say about this.

My current rotation, at a place that rhymes with Bational Minstitutes of Nealth, has been overwhelming annihiliatory to my time and energy. It hasn’t been all bad, but it’s been just a bit too much. 8 days remain…

There was a birthday in there somewhere, as well. Someone made it an amazing occasion, for the brief time available to celebrate.

Back to the grind… and the mantra…

8 days remain.

Joe Murphy

In Loving Memory of Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy, excellent friend and podcaster, died today. He had a good death – it was expected, and so not a shock to him or those around him; it was in the presence of a vast amount of love from family, friends, and even total strangers; and it was comfortable, as he was in Hospice, and receiving amazing care.

I have plenty more to say about Joe, but my time and energy are both quite low. Instead, I point you to the wisdom of others, which will multiply over the coming days:

*the final thread on Wingin’ It

*Laura’s musings on Joe and podcasting, as well as her posts from today here and here

*the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund, established in Joe’s memory to raise awareness of leiomyosarcoma, and money for research into treatment

Joe Murphy at Dragon*Con 2006

[originally uploaded by Sci-Fi Laura]

Joe Murphy, a.k.a. Mason Rocket, a.k.a. Letch Carson, a.k.a. Randy Innuendo,

a.k.a. our dear and wonderful friend,

we love you, and we can’t help but miss you. Through your words and deeds, you’ll never be forgotten, and your wisdom and humor will continue to touch us for the rest of our days.

Joe and Cap

[illustrated by Cheyenne of]

Blogging Sideways

Having set up the Gustatory Libation Front, I’ve almost deleted it several times since. The reason? As it stands, I have things I’m far more passionate about that I intend to focus my web musings on than teh foods, such as:

Gaming. Podcasting. Medicine. Just to name a few.

That being said, I have always wanted to do a random-drink-and-food-musings thing. Most of all, what saves it as a concept is that the title is just way-cool.

In any case, April is going to be an interesting month, with several projects coming due, and working at the NIH starting tomorrow, which is likely to be the most time-intesive rotation I’ve done during the course of my fellowship. If you know me well, you know that’s saying quite a bit. As such, my already inconsistant and meager contact with everyone will be further sketchy for the next few weeks. I have a few things I’ve been meaning to blog about, and was intending to over the past couple of days, but… “something came up,” which pretty much derailed the weekend. That deserves it’s own post, which happens next.

I won’t be completely gone from the site, however, no matter hoiw badly my schedule ends up. Two of the events I’m working on projects for are RavenCon and the 2007 SHEA meeting, and I’ve got a bit to say about both.

Onward, into the breach, as it were…