Evening Rounds

I took the infectious diseases board certification exam this past Tuesday, and am quite happy it’s done with. Unfortunately, I came down with an upper respiratory infection the day before – some would say that I was being a bit too “hands-on” in my studying – as well as a small migrane during the test itself, so hopefully my performance wasn’t too negatively impacted. I thought that overall, the questions were challenging, but not impossible. That said, I am fond of how one of my colleagues summed up his opinion of it:

“Are you kidding? Where the fuck did that exam come from?”

This weekend will be one of recuperation, but there’s quite a bit looming in the near future. Interviewing season for new residents is now in full swing, in which I’m playing a considerable role. My evidence-based medicine course is starting up again next week, which I still have quite a bit to prepare for. I also have some audio work to do, but there will be more on that as things progress.

Finally, Ronnie has moved his main blog to a new address, and been putting up some interesting posts. Check out the Pint ‘N Tome, and give him some comment love!