radio barbeque post-mortem

The radio experience was quite fun this morning, involving a lively discussion with Jackie about her role at Sinai, and how that relates to such bugs as swine-origin influenza and MRSA.  Callers asked some interesting questions about eye, bone, and prostate infections, which added some variety to the proceedings.  I decided to experiment with asking my Twitter followers for questions as well, and they did not disappoint – many thanks to Jim/Pink Tornado and Vividmuse for their contributions!  I even got an SMS question from Frank that I tried to slide in at the end, although there wasn’t enough time to do it justice.

In theory, the shows are archived and available as podcasts, although the archiving is incomplete and there isn’t any RSS-related “podcasting” to speak of.  Hopefully, that will fixed in the near future.  Not that there are any future plans, or anything…  *insert evil laughter here*

hosting the radio barbeque

WHFS Ask the Expert

A blast was had at Balticon, and I was immediately spit back out into the work week with a serious case of con fatigue.  Fear not, an actual con recap is on the way!

You may gasp in amazement, but only once.  I’ll wait.

For now, I’m pleased to report that I’ll be on the Ask the Expert show this Sunday, May 31, from 08:00-09:00 EST on WHFS 105.7 FM radio…  although this time, as the host.  Our regular hostess, the lovely and talented Rudy Miller, will be taking a much deserved vacation, and left the reigns of this week’s show in my clutching, purulent hands.  My erstwhile radio partner in crime, Jackie Daley, will join me as a guest to give an update on how the swine-origin influenza outbreak has progressed, other infectious topics, and take listener calls. The most prominent of Lafferty’s Rules will again be prominent – wash your hands. You can tune in directly if you are in the Baltimore area, or check out the live feed from their website.

Memorial Day weekend means Balticon, baby

Balticon is nearly afoot.  It is a thing of glory and excellence, and you must go.  Look at Jared – he’s going, even with shattered and mending bones.  I will be around and doing all manner of things, like so:

  • Hard Science for Beginners, Fri 7pm – In which I, with other science-types, discuss why one should not begin with soft science.
  • Meet the Scientists Social, Fri 10pm – There will be SCIENCE in the air.  And food.  What more do you need?  Really?
  • Live Escape Pod, Sat 10am – Balticon’s Guest of Honor is author Charlie Stross, and Steve Eley has put together a live cast recording of Stross’s story Rogue Farm. I will be playing someone who says wizened things while drinking a pint of beer. Ahh, true to life characters…
  • Live Aliens You Will Meet, Sat 3pm – Puppet aliens dueling in song win the coveted Intergalactic Idol crown!  That is all.
  • Live Mister Adventure, Sat 10pm – Another pulp tale of superheroic derring-do!  These are doubly fun at Balticon due to the sheer volume of voice (heh) talent available.
  • What’s Your Vector? Lyme and Related Diseases, Sun 4pm – It’s May in Baltimore, and that means Lyme Disease season is beginning.  Join me as I sort through some of the misconceptions, myths, and uncertainties surrounding this tick-borne bug.  Also, because it’s in context, I will finally be discussing syphilis in a con talk!  And some of you know what great joy that brings me…  😉
  • Live Vintage Gamer, Sun 10pmJim brings the excellent Vintage Gamer show to Balticon for it’s first ever live video recording, with myself as one of the guests!  Vintage games will be shown and discussed, musical interludes will be performed, and… there just may be a gaming competition.  I’ll need my scrubs…

Apart from the above events I’m directly involved in, the con schedule is bursting with other awesome panels, readings, and performances – the full pocket program can be found hereBalticon 43 is May 22-25 at the Marriott Hunt Valley Inn, and lives online here.  You must go, and say hello when you do.

You Swine, You

WHFS Ask the ExpertMan, I leave to enjoy Ravencon and a trip to the APDIM conference in Dallas, and all manner of over-sensationalized porcine plague panic breaks loose.

If only you people would just stop doing this.

Because of your bestial transgressions, I’ll be on the Ask the Expert show this Sunday, May 3, from 08:00-09:00 EST on WHFS 105.7 FM radio. Along with Jackie Daley, Director of Sinai Hospital’s Infection Prevention and Control division, we’ll discuss all things related to the swine-origin influenza outbreak, and take listener calls. I expect that, once again, I’ll be discussing the most prominent of Lafferty’s Ruleswash your hands. You can tune in directly if you are in the Baltimore area, or check out the live feed from their website.

For more loads more information, and my more doctorly assessment of these infectious piggy proceedings, check out my post on the LifeBridge Health blog.