the greatest Alluser Request of the moment

cc by-nc image from NCinDC on Flickr
cc by-nc image from NCinDC on Flickr

To: All Employees
From: xxxx

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Dry Cleaners will be discontinued as of Friday, April 30.

If you have anything to be picked up please do so as soon as possible.

Nothing more will be accepted to be given to the Cleaner or shoemaker.

The Auxiliary would like to thank those many people that supported the cleaners so faithfully.

We had a shoemaker?

Cmar is also… Central Maine Animal Rescue

In which I will continue to note all things “cmar”…

in which Phobos distracts from Dragon Age, image by me from Flickr
in which Phobos distracts from Dragon Age, cc by-nc-sa image by docoperon on Flickr

As of March 2010, CMAR is also the Central Maine Animal Rescue – ’tis a fledgling organization serving a good cause in the almost-Canada of the Northeastern US. While they have no website yet, they do have a presence on Facebook. Especially if you are in the Maine area, check them out and lend them your support.


Dr. Space Baby rounds – Johncon, NASA Tweetup, et al.

Dr. Space Baby from Awesome Hospital,

  • I’ve been deriving great succor from Dragon Age of late, hence the reduced posting schedule. That’s right – I like Dragon Age better than you.
  • In-hospital rounds would be vastly improved if I could make them with Awesome Hospital‘s Dr. Space Baby, for obvious reasons. Also, if you’re not reading Awesome Hospital, then consider this a STAT prescription to do so.
  • Ravencon provided a sleep-deprived, shambling weekend of amusement. I owe you con recaps. I’ll get on that shortly.
  • On Sunday, the Moon Ranger has used her Top Secret Contacts to get me on the list for the NASA Earth Day Tweetup on the Mall in DC. As always, I will be providing pithy commentary on my feed, and hoping against hope for a mention of space syphilis. I know it’s out there…

Ravencon 2010 schedule

American crow - corvus brachyrhynchos, a creative commons image from jpmckenna on Flickr
American crow - corvus brachyrhynchos, a creative commons image from jpmckenna on Flickr

Today, the shadows of dire corvids loom over the hunched skyline of Richmond, and Ravencon begins. I will be there fighting their syphilitic intent, as well as joining in the following panels:

  • Making the Science Fit the Story, Friday 6pm (Anna) – …I’m moderating this, which should make for an interesting discussion, at least.
  • Everything You Didn’t Want To Know About The H1N1 Flu, Friday 7pm (Anna) – …so, influenza, we meet again.
  • The Brain is Steampunk, Saturday 10pm (Anna) – …I really have no idea about this.
  • What Does the Future Hold for Space Travel?, Saturday 10pm (Cove) – …from a medical perspective.

Ravencon runs from today through Sunday at the Holiday Inn Koger Center in Richmond, VA. You can follow events of note with me on Twitter, or better yet, I hope to see you there!