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Come For The Seafood, Stay For The Mind-Numbing Supernatural Terror

I was thumbing through the Dresden Files RPG base book, Your Story, for the first time and encountered a delightful surprise.

While the primary action in the Dresden Files universe takes place in Chicago (which is fleshed out in the second book, Our World), the authors saw fit to include 30+ pages adapting the namesake city of Cecil Calvert, the Second Baron of Baltimore, into location for the game. Some particular locations of amusement:

  • National AquariumTheme: Tourist Magnet; liner notes: ‘This whole facility screams “fight scene”.’
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital Theme: Knowledge Is Power; highlighted text: ‘PC’s can find respite here, provided their insurance cards are up to date’, liner note response: ‘Injuries you get in my line of work aren’t usually covered anyway.’
  • Francis Scott Key BridgeOther Aspect: Sweet Merciful gods This Is A Tall Bridge; liner notes: ‘Darian, you had fight scenes in mind with this, didn’t you?’


Man, I was aiming to get my Pathfinder campaign off the ground next, but, hmmm…