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Ravencon goings-on

CC BY-NC-ND image by David Abbet via Flickr
CC BY-NC-ND image by David Abbet via Flickr

As is our want, Laura and I will be heading to Ravencon in Richmond, VA, this evening for SCIENCE, podcasting, and self-amusement. We will both be on the following session tomorrow:

  • Saturday, 10:00Parsec Awards: Awarding Excellence in Speculative Fiction Podcasting – Learn about the Parsec Awards from members of the Steering Committee and the help they need from you to find the most deserving podcasts.

My other official stuff includes:

  • Saturday, 12:00pmMacroblogging in the Microblogging Era – Be it for promoting one’s novel or other creative work, or just for fun, blogging seems a necessity in the online world. But when more people are communicating via Tweets and Facebook status updates, are the days of the long blog post falling behind us?
  • Saturday, 1:00pmMr. Adventure live podcast – Amazing Pulp Adventures, starring Mr. Adventure! A campy, comedy/drama reminiscent of early superhero comic books, performed in the style of 1940s radio plays.
  • Saturday, 8:00pmPublish and Perish: Avian Flu – The avian H5N1 influenza virus has nearly 60% death rate in humans, but cannot easily be transmitted from person to person. Recent research has tried to change the virus to see if it could become more transmissible, but attempts to publish that research have created controversy. Should such mad science be done, and should the results be freely published?

Laura’s other official stuff consists of:

  • Saturday, 11:00amInternational Space University: 25 years of fostering cooperation in space – The International Space University is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Learn from a graduate about this interdisciplinary, international, and intercultural space educational program.
  • Sunday, 1:00pmLandsat Data Continuity Mission: Building on 40 years of Earth Observations – Learn about the history of the Landsat observations, the science they do and how the mission will continue with LDCM.

Please say hello if you happen by, and as always, you may track me by my pithy comments and observations.

Farpoint goings-on

Black Hole specialty cocktail from Farpoint 2011, CC BY-NC-SA image from DocOperon via Flickr
"Black Hole" specialty cocktail from Farpoint 2011, CC BY-NC-SA image from DocOperon via Flickr

This weekend, Laura and I will be swinging by that tiny little con that could, Farpoint. Sunday at 1:00pm, I’ll be giving the State of the Flu address for 2012, where I’ll look at what’s going on with this year’s influenza season (hint – it’s starting now). I’ll also be addressing other recent bits of news, such as the ethical debate behind the attempted publication of the genome for an influenza virus that could be very lethal to humans, and a recent contention in the media that based on scientific evidence, the influenza vaccines don’t work.

Laura will be talking today at 11:00am about the International Space University, and tomorrow at noon on her current project, the Landsat Data Continuity Mission. We’re also both listed as participating in the podcasting roundtable at 3:00pm Sunday. As always, please say hello if you are in attendance, and otherwise I may be sharing pithy comments here.

making the rounds, la familia edition

sign the commitment papers to Arkham Sanitarum… here

Propnomicon, dread master of non-Euclidian knowledge, is known far and wide as a crafter of wondrous Lovecraftiana. I have previously given him obeisance here, and the previous fruits of his labor can be seen displayed by Laura here:

Christmas in the Miskatonic Labs, image by Laura Burns on Flickr
Christmas in the Miskatonic Labs, image by Laura Burns on Flickr

and by Jared here:

"At The Mountains of Madness Explorer", image by Jared Axelrod on Flickr
"At The Mountains of Madness Explorer", image by Jared Axelrod on Flickr

His latest project is an Arkham Sanitarium Prop Package, which will contain “a collection of documents and items that place Lovecraft’s fictional creation in the real world, building on the foundation of his writing and historical references.” While I’m already sold on the idea from the quality of his previous work alone, the fact that these pieces venture into the medical side of Lovecraft’s world make this a Cmar-requirement.

The Prop Packages are for sale, but this is the first time he is using the Kickstarter service to fund a project. Kickstarter allows people to pledge any amount of money they want to the project, and Propnomicon’s plan is that the more you pledge, the more you’ll get in terms of items. While he already met his minimum pledge goal to bring the project to completion, there are still 5 days left to buy in to this awesome prop set. So go here, and sign your commitment papers to Arkham Sanitarium:


…wait for it…

…wait for it…

You’d be crazy not to.

Farpoint 2010 schedule

Farpoint ConventionAnd so it came to pass that con season truly gets into swing with Farpoint. I will be trolling about, looking for mischief, and pontificating on influenza and other science-y topics, as I am want to do. My schedule:

  • H1N1: State of the Influenza, Saturday 3pm (Ridgely 2) – Flu season isn’t over yet, but this current lull in activity is an excellent chance to look back on some of lessons learned, both on the science of influenza as well as the failure of communication to the public by medical professionals/government/media.
  • Science in Social Networking, Sunday 1pm (Ridgely 2) – Science communication has always been something that is often done poorly, and we’ll be examining some of the positive and negative ways science is interfacing (or not) with the booming area of social networking.

And, when Laura is not plotting the Redhead Global Domination Effort with Felicia Day, she can be found here:

  • Social Media 101, Saturday 10 am (Ridgely 1) – 2010 sees use with a metric buttload of social media programs in existence, with Google Buzz being the latest. A review of what’s out there, what’s useful, and how designer intent doesn’t always match up with what the users do.
  • Citizen Scientists, Saturday 6pm (Ridgely 2) – Anyone can be involved in cutting edge research projects, and it’s not only a blast, but easier than you might think… Laura will tell you how.
  • Science and Social Networking, Sunday 1pm (Ridgely 2) – As noted above, except that Laura is both more attractive than I am, and likely has more interesting things to say as well.
  • James Webb Space Telescope, Sunday 3pm (Ridgely 2) – JWST is moving into the ground assembly phase, and Laura will give us an update on the the latest with this amazing project.

The snow is melting away, and things are shaping up to be an excellent time, so if you are in the area, stop on by. Directions are here, and the full programming list is here. You can follow events of note with me on Twitter, or better yet, I hope to see you there!

(When the redheads take over the world, it pays to be as close to them as possible. Just saying.)