Aussiecon 4, incoming

And so it came to pass that I find myself on the other side of the planet for several wonderful reasons, one of which is to attend The 68th World Science Fiction Convention, being held this coming weekend in Melbourne, Australia. This is a no-work jaunt, so my official con schedule is as follows:

  • nothing
  • I have never been to Oz before, but I am put in mind of Lovecraft’s The Shadow Out Of Time, and so I am constantly on guard against flying polyp attacks and body jacking attempts by Yithians. Fortunately, thanks to the tireless efforts of Propnomicon, I am well-equipped for the Miskatonic University 2010 Australian Expedition.

    To that end, I have been well-prepared with expedition materi... on Twitpic

    Aussiecon 4 is running from September 2-6, 2010, in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and associated hotels in Melbourne, Australia. As always, I will be tweeting the goings-on (and flying polyp attacks), and please stop and say hello if you happen to be in the hemisphere!

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