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kickstarting the Action Lab

My soul brother Shawn, who’s dominance of both the comic book and podcasting realms is nigh-legend, has embarked on a new venture known as Action Lab Entertainment. Their first project is being funded through Kickstarter here, and is open for support until this coming Friday. Shawn himself can tell you a bit more:

He’s good people and damn creative. Take a peek and give some support if you like what you see.

(And dammit, in the chaos of the holidays I totally dropped the ball on getting on board with Propnomicon’s Miskatonic University project, which looks to be stellar. Here’s hoping that a few extra items make their way out for sale…)

in which “PKD” somehow stands for “Free Hawesome Comics”

Mercury and the Murd: the Cosplay Order of Doom, from
Mercury and the Murd: the Cosplay Order of Doom, from

I’ve been out of the comic book subscription game for quite some time.

This is a good thing in some ways, as it’s saved me a nice bit of money, and allows me to focus the precious free time I have into other geeky pursuits. That said, I do sometimes regret… nay, CRAVE… getting a regular dose of comics goodness.

With the advent of the iPad (and Laura’s purchasing of one), the idea of sliding back into the comics scene from a digital angle is rather tempting. In addition to Marvel and DC’s forays into the digital realm, many independent publishers have embraced electronic formats for both distribution and promotion, resulting in an amazing selection of awesome creativity available on the cheap… and sometimes, for free.

Shawn Pryor’s PKD Media is a immensely talented and growing company with several titles to its credit, and until September 1st, has four full books available for free from On their PKD Media publisher page, you’ll find free graphic novels of Mercury & the Murd, Agents of COLT, Exo-1 and the Rocksolid Steelbots, and Wasted Wonderland that serve as great introductions to PKD’s work. And if the over-the-top titles and the “free” price haven’t enticed you to check them out yet, all you need to know is that in the Mercury & the Murd tale, a cop uses his costume afro to store weaponry to foil the plot of a cosplay gorilla gangster fight club. If that doesn’t entice you, then my diagnosis is that you have no soul.

More info can be found both on PKD Media’s site and at And while you’re at it, be sure to catch an episode of the always excellent PKD Black Box show – it’s a true gem in the world comic geek podcasts, and one of the few shows of any type I truly look forward to listening to.