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Gustatory Libation Front – Join the Revolution!

Since I clearly have nothing better to do (read: I’ve devised yet another fantastic outlet of procrastination), and my Blogger account has been languishing for quite some time, I’ve established the Gustatory Libation Front!

While I can’t say that my prime motivator in life is food and drink, I do loves me the nourishment.  Following the supposition that if we need to eat and imbibe, we should do so with great health and robust enjoyment, I’ve set up the blog of the revolution to liberate my thoughts and opinings on the various foods, beverages, and related topics I come across.  Check it out, and enjoy the tastyness!

Saint Patrick’s Day

Let me be neither the first, nor the last, to wish you a most excellent Saint Patrick’s Day!

First and foremost, remember who the holiday is named for… and not to get our beloved patron saint of Irleand confused with Saint Patrick of Spain, Saint Patrick of France, Saint Patrick of Prusa, or Blessed Patrick Salmon of England.

That aside, celebrate well, and if you choose to do so with libations, do so safely and responsibly. This includes not drinking bland beer from the huge American macrobreweries (in general) that’s been dyed green (specifically)… that’s not Irish. It’s just wrong.

Instead, partake of something with a bit more flavor, a bit more character, and a lot more Irish: Murphy’s Irish Stout or Irish Red. Smithwick’s Irish Ale. Guinness Stout. Harp Irish Lager. Magners Original Irish Cider. Or for a distinctly American take on the Irish style, try Harpoon Brewery’s Hibernian Ale, or Rogue Ales’ Kells Irish Lager.

Oh, and go leave Ronnie more Comment Love, because that boy’s got some serious Irish pride. And while you’re at it, do the same for Laura – she’s got the red hair and all!