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Slovak Metal Army

I was scanning Bandcamp looking for some mood-appropriate background work tunage, and came across Slovak Metal Army, whose existence fills me with glee.

As always with heavy metal, YMMV in terms of personal taste, but I found the following to be of particular note:

In My Ears ~ Hymns Of A Forgotten Homeland, by Twilight Fauna

I follow a dude going by the handle “Evil Steve” on Bandcamp.

(The above line could be the opening to one of a thousand amazing, creepy stories.)

In any case, Mr. Steve tends to buy truly odd and extreme music in that forum, which occasionally grabs my fancy as well. I followed a link of his to Hymns Of A Forgotten Homeland over this past weekend, and that darned album grabbed my ears and hasn’t let go since. “Appalachian-folk-doom-rock-metal with some seriously moody artistry” is likely the best summary. For your possible listening pleasure:

PelleK Wins Yellow Flicker Beat With Metal & 4 Octaves

It’s a rare thing when someone covers a popular song and manages to elevate it with their craft, as opposed to “this is mai kazoo ska Game Of Thrones cover lol”.  This is one of those instances.

Lorde is quite the talented artist, specializing in moody, evocative pop with catchy lyrics and imagery. Her Yellow Flicker Beat is damn fine song and a great example of her style:

Then PelleK decided to reinvent it through the lens of his 4 octave vocal range and power metal, and made it a very different, and arguably much better, thing. Behold:

In case you doubt the veracity of all 4 of PelleK’s octaves, and that Norway has naturally occuring sword-bushes:

weekly rounds

  • The 2009 leftover work-glut-that-never-seems-to-get-caught-up-with continues, although the past week has seen premium down time devoted to both Dragon Age: Origins and catching the first stop of Arch Enemy‘s current North American tour. There’s more to say soon about both of these, but for now, check out Ken’s review of the former.

Cmar is also… Croatian Metal and Rock

In which I will continue to note all things “cmar”…

The website, or Croatian Metal And Rock, has been serving the undoubtedly vast Croatian metal community since 1999. While much of it is in Croatian, the site is intuitively navigable and there are English forums, for those interested in poking about. While I can’t say this is a prime resource for my musical needs, the trifecta of 1) the excellent name, 2) shout out to my European ancestry, and 3) addressing one of my favorite auditory genres makes this site a win.

That, and any place that can advertise death metal, dance parties, and Extreme on the same tour page without any irony whatsoever requires my complete respect.


weekly rounds

  • We managed to hit a couple of concerts this week, starting with the Nitzer Ebb Industrial Complex Tour, and topped off with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra‘s show at the 1st Mariner Arena. The Nitzer Ebb gig was fun – Anders Manga brought the awesome, as did Ego Likeness, and Nitzer Ebb provided an interesting and energetic end to the evening. The TSO put on an excellent show, as always. As their concert (and the story told in therein) has become a holiday tradition for us, I was interested to see if they would change their musical routine based on their new CD – they didn’t. They also announced that they will have a spring tour for the first time ever this coming year, which answers the question of how they’ll work their new songs into live performances.
Chris Caffery in the spotlight at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra winter 2009 tour, photo by John Cmar
Chris Caffery in the spotlight at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra winter 2009 tour, photo by John Cmar