i like coffee exceedingly…

Sometimes, life really is about the tiny pleasures. This morning, one of those was enjoying freshly brewed coffee from a mug upon the surface of which was imprinted the visage of H. P. Lovecraft expounding the virtues of said beverage.

I like coffee exceedingly... -H.P. Lovecraft
I like coffee exceedingly... -H.P. Lovecraft

I had the immense pleasure of winning Tor.com‘s contest for Day 1 of the 12 Days of Cthulhumas, which how I came to have this enviable fluid-holder in my possession. I will leave it up to your speculation as to whether or not I am adorned in the tentacle scarf and octopus ornaments as I enjoy this glorious caffeine.

[Many thanks to Torie Atkinson and everyone at Tor.com!]

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