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The Secret Lair Comic #0023: Squirrels
The Secret Lair Comic #0023: Squirrels

There have been many goings-on in the Secret Lair of late, including the most recent comic by Natalie, the Secretary of Artistic Propaganda. It is, perhaps, the greatest piece of illustrated work ever summoned into existence, not the least of which because it includes me and MEGA-syringes. In fact, I would argue that it is Art.

Also, recent audio emanations from the Lair’s pan-global transmitters have included episode 36, an examination of Robert Downey, Jr. and cinema, as well as episode 37, a celebration of Monster Week 2010 and affectionate companion/rebuttal to Mr. Newquist‘s own Monster Week 2010 gala. I am particularly chagrined at having missed out on contributing to that discussion, since one of my duties as the Bad Doctor is to oversee the Lair’s monster husbandry. That said, the latter show does establish the inherent coolness of the MEGA- prefix, and that the Overlords harbor a hushed fear of Dr. MEGA-John Cmar and his prehensile ponytail. As well they should.

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