Naught But Dust

Dust by Fantasy Flight Games

Last week i09 had a brief look at Dust, Fantasy Flight‘s new strategy board game. It was one of our Origins acquisitions, and is very high on my “needs to be played” list. We first noticed it at the the Adventure Retail booth on Sunday morning, where it was labeled with the following post-it note:

“Did not win the Origins Award, but did place 1st in the swimsuit competition.”

Attention thus attracted, and with some positive information from Mario, I am unashamed to say that my thought process was as follows:

“Prominently illustrated women with WWII style costumery and large guns -> alternate history with mechs and alien technology -> global domination -> over 800 fiddly bits -> squee! WANT”

And so it came to pass that said game was made ours. (Laura‘s thought process was startlingly similar, although perhaps without the “illustrated women” factor.) With the shorter version of gameplay weighing in at two hours for experienced players, it may be awhile before we have a chance to break it out, but you’ll get a report when we do. More information on Dust can be found here and here. Image by: Fantasy Flight Games

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