the Bad Doctor is in the house – The Secret Lair #25

The Secret Lair

There exists, in the northern hinterlands of Ohio, a nefarious fortress. This indomitable structure is the home of two mad Overlords who plan to rule this miserable rock with fists of iron, and bend its population to even their most minor of whims… that is, if they are able to stop being distracted by philosophizing on geeky subjects, which I doubt will happen anytime soon. I am, naturally, referring to The Secret Lair.

The Secret Lair is an audio podcast that is comprised of the in-depth, witty analytical discussion all of us long to have about various geeky subjects. And by “all of us,” I do specifically mean you. Come on, you know it. I’ve found you out, and there’s no use denying it to yourself and others any longer.

As of episode #25, I have become the Chief Medical Officer of The Secret Lair, and so am obligated to furnish regular reports on my activities, the first one of which is contained herein. Other excellence in this edition include an interesting and occasionally surprising discussion of superheroes and other topics of intrigue by Overlords Johnson and Miller, as well as the visiting Kingfish.

Go here and listen, else when the Overlords’ time comes, you will be the first into servitude.

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