The Secret Lair #35, and other machinations

The Secret Lair

The latest episode of The Secret Lair is up, in which Overlords Johnson and Miller discuss the recently-exacerbated philosophical conundrum of what, exactly, is art? Let’s just say that the extensive discussion goes into some… interesting… places.

Also, therein lies my latest report as the Lair’s CMO, in which I address three burning questions, one of which may also have something to do with art. It bears noting that Overlord Johnson appears not to be aware that we have established two speculum farms in New Zealand, only one of which is what he thinks it is.

Go here and listen, else when the Overlords’ time comes, you will be the first into servitude.

It has been awhile since I’ve mentioned the goings-on at the Lair, so it is only proper that I remind you of the excellent articles that the Overlords have been churning out of late.

As to recent audio emanations, topics have included the utility of content creators giving their work away for free, an examination of Charlie Stross’s The Atrocity Archives, reminiscences of programs of years gone by, and various and sundry geekery.

Recent illustrative transmissions have included an examination of the process behind the creation of The Secret Lair comic, as well as Episode 022: The Sparring.

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