TIRMTPI2009BD #1 – How I got here in the end, by Charlie Stross

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be putting up the rather self-explanatory series of Things I Really Meant To Post In 2009 But Didn’t. These Things are (at least to me) still notable, informative, or amusing enough to be worth sharing months after they happened or came across my radar… such is the joy of the “eternal now” of the Internet. And, of course, because I can.

Starting in June, author Charlie Stross posted a twelve part novella-length series on his blog entitled How I got here in the end: my non-tech autobiography. Although a rather lengthy read, Stross’s tale of his pre-author career and its influence on his current work is fascinating. In particular, his descriptions of working with computers in various start-up companies during the boom of that technology in the 1980-90’s put me in mind of my own several-year sales and service stint with CompUSA. If only we (and the customers) knew back then just how tenuous check/credit card transaction-processing companies were…

Check out this series here, and if you don’t read Stross’s blog in general, you really should.

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