you do not mention if your academic curriculum involves cultivating a supervirus

Bearded, a cc by image from kyknoord on Flickr
Bearded, a cc by image from kyknoord on Flickr

A staple of my regular webcomics consumption is the always amusing Wondermark, which regularly features men sporting crackling virility hedges and Gax from the planet Gax. I was highly entertained by this recent Ask a Gaxian post, wherein Gax is sought for advice on various life-topics.

What do you claim your problems are? According to your letter, you are fat and creatively dissatisfied, with a diseased car and a horrible house. Rivers have carved this deep canyon in you over time, and it is not as simple as saying “Go back uphill, river.”

Combining eccentric, character-based humor with actual profound wisdom is a challenging task, and Malki pulls it off damn well. I think Gax needs to be my professional mentor…

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