Balticon 41 post-mortem, part… wuh? NO! CMAAARRR!!!

Did I ever have a wonderful part 2 of my Balticon post-mortem for you! Then, through a series of events that could only happen to yours truly, I somehow deleted it prior to posting.


It will see the light of day… just not until after this weekend. It is coming, and will contain many entertaining and confounding anecdotes, such as how the above cry has become immortalized as my new moniker.

As to this weekend, I am about to head out to meet up with Laura (on the way back from Ireland) and catch a plane out to Phoenix for the Wingin’ It pool party, which should be quite fun and interesting, given recent developments.

Tee is unable to make it. I have been deputized by him to say something in his absence. This could be dangerous.

2 thoughts on “Balticon 41 post-mortem, part… wuh? NO! CMAAARRR!!!”

  1. Exactly how did your name become a “4 letter” word as apposed to a word of 4 letters? (if you know what I mean) zzzZZZonds like you all had a great time. Too Cool!

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