Rounds for 6/5/2007 – re-oriented?

No final Balticon comment yet, I’m afraid. In great part, due an oddly distracting and busy few days. In smal part, due to wanting to say quite a bit, and being indecisive as to whether that is best served by a lot of words, or a few. Stay tuned.

I’ve been undergoing orientation to the upcoming job over the last couple of days, which has been mostly pointless, given that I only left two years ago. While it is clear that it fulfills an obligation of sorts, one can’t argue with the hilarity of 1. me being briefly in the training video I was required to view, or 2. a presenter catching sight of me in a crowded room five minutes into his talk, stopping in mid-sentence, and us having the following exchange: “Hey! Don’t you work here already?!?” “Yeah, but I left two years ago.” “And you came back?!?” [surprised laughter in the room]

Indeed, I feel the love.

I did learn one cool thing: the hospital has Daleks to deal with the bariatric surgery patients. Sweet. And creepy.

Graduation ceremonies for myself and others on the ‘morrow, parental visitation later this week, and Laura is off to Ireland on the weekend – ’tis an interesting week ahead.

One thought on “Rounds for 6/5/2007 – re-oriented?”

  1. Hey! I didn’t know you were graduating this week!. Did the house get cleaned or are they staying in a motel ’cause of the cats?

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