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Evening Rounds

I took the infectious diseases board certification exam this past Tuesday, and am quite happy it’s done with. Unfortunately, I came down with an upper respiratory infection the day before – some would say that I was being a bit too “hands-on” in my studying – as well as a small migrane during the test itself, so hopefully my performance wasn’t too negatively impacted. I thought that overall, the questions were challenging, but not impossible. That said, I am fond of how one of my colleagues summed up his opinion of it:

“Are you kidding? Where the fuck did that exam come from?”

This weekend will be one of recuperation, but there’s quite a bit looming in the near future. Interviewing season for new residents is now in full swing, in which I’m playing a considerable role. My evidence-based medicine course is starting up again next week, which I still have quite a bit to prepare for. I also have some audio work to do, but there will be more on that as things progress.

Finally, Ronnie has moved his main blog to a new address, and been putting up some interesting posts. Check out the Pint ‘N Tome, and give him some comment love!

Evening Rounds – Playing for Keeps, the podcast novel, drops November 1

My backlog of intended posts continue to grow… but such is the way of things. Various obligations, both professional and personal, have conspired to steal my time, and will continue to do so for at least the next couple of weeks. The Infectious Diseases board exam is on October 30, and so my preparation for that continues to intensify. As always, I hope to say more here shortly, but little may happen before then. For now, though, an important note:

Mur Lafferty‘s latest novel, Playing for Keeps, debuts as a free audio podcast on November 1. Think unlikely superheroes with unusual powers, with an excellent blend of drama and humor, and you’re on the right track. The website is currently a placeholder, but will be up and functional in a matter of days. Mur is an amazing author, as evidenced by her current podcast novel series Heaven, and Playing for Keeps has my highest recommendation. Be sure to check it out on November 1! More on this as the time grows closer…

Afternoon Rounds

The PNME has been going on this weekend. A segment of the Tribe has been attending, and Laura had the chance to socialize there as well during her work trip – it sounds like everyone has had an excellent time. While clearly not a fan convention, the fact that many of my friends and acquaintances are there has made me a bit wistful for previous gatherings, like Dragon*Con, and reminded me that I haven’t blogged about them yet… That sounds like a good thing to remedy today.

The usual mantra of “things are well, but busy” still applies. The next big thing looming in my sights is the Infectious Diseases board exam, coming up on October 30. As always, there is much more, but that will come shortly.

A couple links of note:

I had a more entertaining time at the Maryland Renaissance Festival than I expected, but more on that in a bit.

Rounds for 6/5/2007 – re-oriented?

No final Balticon comment yet, I’m afraid. In great part, due an oddly distracting and busy few days. In smal part, due to wanting to say quite a bit, and being indecisive as to whether that is best served by a lot of words, or a few. Stay tuned.

I’ve been undergoing orientation to the upcoming job over the last couple of days, which has been mostly pointless, given that I only left two years ago. While it is clear that it fulfills an obligation of sorts, one can’t argue with the hilarity of 1. me being briefly in the training video I was required to view, or 2. a presenter catching sight of me in a crowded room five minutes into his talk, stopping in mid-sentence, and us having the following exchange: “Hey! Don’t you work here already?!?” “Yeah, but I left two years ago.” “And you came back?!?” [surprised laughter in the room]

Indeed, I feel the love.

I did learn one cool thing: the hospital has Daleks to deal with the bariatric surgery patients. Sweet. And creepy.

Graduation ceremonies for myself and others on the ‘morrow, parental visitation later this week, and Laura is off to Ireland on the weekend – ’tis an interesting week ahead.

Breaking on through…

[whew] And so I’ve entered May, and in better shape than I’d anticipated. May and June are the final two months of my fellowship, and research months at that, meaning that I get to do clinic hours thrice a week, conferences once a week (with the occasional extras), and devote the remainder of the time to four or five projects that I really should complete prior to my moving on to the actual workforce.  And, there’s the really important stuff, like Balticon. 🙂 As with most things I obliquely mention, more on that soon. Speaking of which, the previously promised commentaries will be forthcoming in the next few days.

Laura’s been visiting the real Mr. Burns this weekend, and is driving back from Kentucky as I type this. I’ve been doing lots of (attempted) catching up on work, life, and house things after the Bational Minstitutes of Nealth spat me out, used and icky, on Tuesday. Unfortunately, getting anything accomplished makes me aware of 10 other things screaming for my attention… yes, a year off would probably about do it in terms of getting “caught up.” Wishful thinking, most likely.

So I actually lept on the bandwagon, and I now have a LiveJournal site (with a vastly witty title – thanks for the props Mur!), a Facebook account, and a Twitter account. Shiny, the both of them, although I must admit that figuring out what I’m specifically going to use my four+ websites/blogs for, as well as this Twitter thing many seem so a-twitter about, is a bit confounding. I am open to suggestions

Soon Laura is home, and soon after to sleep, and soon after to waking, and soon after back to all the screaming stuff…

An Interesting Month

So I said here.

And so it has been.

Likely nothing further will crop up here until this coming weekend, or a few days beyond that into May. A few brief thoughts:

RavenCon, this past weekend, was brilliant. I have much more to say about this.

SHEA, the weekend prior, was both fun and productive. I have a bit more to say about this.

My current rotation, at a place that rhymes with Bational Minstitutes of Nealth, has been overwhelming annihiliatory to my time and energy. It hasn’t been all bad, but it’s been just a bit too much. 8 days remain…

There was a birthday in there somewhere, as well. Someone made it an amazing occasion, for the brief time available to celebrate.

Back to the grind… and the mantra…

8 days remain.

Blogging Sideways

Having set up the Gustatory Libation Front, I’ve almost deleted it several times since. The reason? As it stands, I have things I’m far more passionate about that I intend to focus my web musings on than teh foods, such as:

Gaming. Podcasting. Medicine. Just to name a few.

That being said, I have always wanted to do a random-drink-and-food-musings thing. Most of all, what saves it as a concept is that the title is just way-cool.

In any case, April is going to be an interesting month, with several projects coming due, and working at the NIH starting tomorrow, which is likely to be the most time-intesive rotation I’ve done during the course of my fellowship. If you know me well, you know that’s saying quite a bit. As such, my already inconsistant and meager contact with everyone will be further sketchy for the next few weeks. I have a few things I’ve been meaning to blog about, and was intending to over the past couple of days, but… “something came up,” which pretty much derailed the weekend. That deserves it’s own post, which happens next.

I won’t be completely gone from the site, however, no matter hoiw badly my schedule ends up. Two of the events I’m working on projects for are RavenCon and the 2007 SHEA meeting, and I’ve got a bit to say about both.

Onward, into the breach, as it were…

Fare Thee Well, Bumpy My Friend

And so it came to pass that Bumpy, First Fish of the Cmar-Burns household, was found dead today.

He was 4(ish).

Bumpy deserves note and remembrance for several reasons.

He served as a co-Chief Resident at the Johns Hopkins University/Sinai Hospital Program in Internal Medicine for two years, from summer 2003 to summer 2005. Well, inasmuch as a goldfish can actually do such a thing… although he did guard the door to the Chief’s office, and act as a convenient conversation piece, during that time. Purchased by the Chiefs prior to my tenure (and almost slain by them accidentally during a water change, when very hot water was added to the cool tank one day, causing him to swim sideways in wide circles for about 6 hours), Bumpy was an excellent companion to Jennifer and myself during our year in charge. When I discovered that our successors had no interest in caring for him when we were gone, Bumpy came home with me. And oh, what changes he wraught!

The short version is that we decided Bumpy needed a better tank once he arrived at the Cmar-Burns hovel… and “roommates”… and “greenery”… and “furniture”… and with disconcerting swiftness, Laura and I found ourselves with yet another hobby, and a few more pets. Bumpy leaves us with two large freshwater tanks stocked with various fish, two smaller betta tanks, and with more knowledge of aquariums than I ever knew I wanted.

Bumpy wasn’t the smartest of fish – as Laura relates in her blog post, he once swam into a castle in his tank, couldn’t figure out how to back out, and almost got his head stuck poking out a hole in the highest parapet. This was made worse by the fact that he was of the pop-eyed variety of goldfish, and almost managed to squeeze both eyes through the hole, which would have been a nigh-impossible predicament to extract him from. Stupidity aside, he was actually able to recognize me from other people, and would always swim up to me when I came near the tank, doing his peculiar “water-waddle” that very likely was his way of saying “Food! Food! Food!”

I’m actually surprised at his relative longevity, giving the degree of mis-handling he put up with from his previous caretakers, his own dull-wittedness, and a couple of um… accidents… on my part over the years. The most interesting of those involved a scoopful of dark-roast coffee falling into his filter, which slowly turned his water a lovely brown as it unintentially “brewed” his home. This led to a mad scramble on my part to set him up in a rescue tank, and a very hyper fish for the next day or so. In the last few months, he had a couple of sizable tumors crop up on his dorsal fin and behind his left eye, but fortunately never showed any signs of pain or impairment.

Sad to say, I realized in writing this that I don’t even have a picture of him – we recently recieved an excellent new digital camera for Christmas, which even has an underwater mode, but chose not to take any images of him due to the progression of his tumors. Laura managed to find an older picture of him from her mobile phone camera, and put it up on her site.

Fare thee well, Bumpy my friend – you will be missed.

And so, it begins…

Greetings! I’ve finally broken down, weeping and curled in a fetus-like ball in the back corner of our computer room, and transitioned the site from the Old School HTML to this newfangled WordPress shinyness.

I feel so… dirty.

The truth is that having a “bloggy” setup will actually encourage me to actually do constructive things with the site, like, say, update more than once every few months… put up relavent and entertaining content… and keep y’all informed as to where I’m treading in this crazy world.

While I remain uber-swamped with the ever-present Things I Need To Do, having a new and shiny toy always serves as a good nidus for procrastination, so look forward to more posts, tweaks, and content over the days and weeks to come.

I feel the need to leave you with an ominous laugh, but I have no good transition lined up, so here you go: