Evening Rounds

I took the infectious diseases board certification exam this past Tuesday, and am quite happy it’s done with. Unfortunately, I came down with an upper respiratory infection the day before – some would say that I was being a bit too “hands-on” in my studying – as well as a small migrane during the test itself, so hopefully my performance wasn’t too negatively impacted. I thought that overall, the questions were challenging, but not impossible. That said, I am fond of how one of my colleagues summed up his opinion of it:

“Are you kidding? Where the fuck did that exam come from?”

This weekend will be one of recuperation, but there’s quite a bit looming in the near future. Interviewing season for new residents is now in full swing, in which I’m playing a considerable role. My evidence-based medicine course is starting up again next week, which I still have quite a bit to prepare for. I also have some audio work to do, but there will be more on that as things progress.

Finally, Ronnie has moved his main blog to a new address, and been putting up some interesting posts. Check out the Pint ‘N Tome, and give him some comment love!

2 thoughts on “Evening Rounds”

  1. How did I not know you had a blog? Oh, right, I leapfrogged over blogging and went directly to podcasting. I’ve only started with the blog love for about 2 months now. Still waiting for your podcast…someday, perhaps.

    Seriously, love the blog. Informative and funny. You’re at the forefront of all these young doctors who are totally destroying the myth of the stodgy old codger in glasses. I love it. It’s the future.

    I’ll definitely check out the Pint & Tome links, too. Beer and literature are high on the list of things I enjoy.

    If *you8 enjoy food and cooking, or playing guitar, then you might enjoy my podcasts, I should be rocking out (http://musishian.blogspot.com) , and Garlic is love(http://garlicislove.blogspot.com. Nice segue, no?

    Hope that you kicked the ass of both the infectious disease, and the infectious disease exam.

    Stay Shiny, CarrieP

  2. Many thanks!

    The aforementioned “someday” is still a bit off, but closer than some may think… (mwahahaha!!!)

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