Radio Isopod #11: All Hallow’s Eve

Radio Isopod is an audio podcast that is on my “must-listen” roster of shows. Created and produced by the exquisitely talented Natalie and Andy, I give you the official show summary from their site:

Radio Isopod is about the misadventures of the crew of the submarine, the S.S. Isopod. The S.S. Isopod’s primary mission is a safe haven for mad scientists to conduct their mad experiments in relative peace. When they aren’t working on their own diabolical projects, they contract out their services to evil overlords and other interested parties in need of some covert scientific work.

However, it’s not just all work and no play aboard the Isopod. The scientists as well as the rest of the crew make it a point to keep things fun and… interesting.

Radio Isopod brings some of the happenings aboard the ship to the world while still maintaining their super secret location. The show includes discussion on the daily trials and tribulations aboard the ship, updates from the scientists themselves, a bit of music to lighten the mood, and the occasional intergalactic transmission from parallel universes.

The crew of the S.S. Isopod would like to welcome you aboard, for about a half an hour per episode, as they do their best to entertain and enlighten your mad science deprived life.

They have pulled out all the stops for their Halloween episode, including a submission from yours truly. It is best to have listened to The Secret Lair #29 before this show, as the technology exchange between the Lair and the Isopod noted therein is both referenced and strengthened in this episode. In addition to two holiday-appropriate tunes, segments include:

  • Captain Tortuga and Pi discussing Pi’s Halloween excitement, costume choice, octo-lanterns, and mergoat ailments, among other mischief.
  • The Lair’s Overlord Miller giving a brilliant reading of Darkness, by Lord Byron.
  • A lab report from Dr. Gestalt, concerning her extra-curricular use of the mini-sub to hunt for alien life.
  • The Lair’s Commandant Moore discusses some unusual properties of the moon water he recently acquired on a mission for the Lair, and makes an offer.
  • A lab report from my alter-ego, Dr. Chancerous, details his attempt to allow the Isopod’s crew to participate in trick-or-treating while remaining at sea through the zombification of candy.

Go here and listen, else when mad scientist-pirates’ time comes, you will be the first taken by the press gang.

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