Breaking on through…

[whew] And so I’ve entered May, and in better shape than I’d anticipated. May and June are the final two months of my fellowship, and research months at that, meaning that I get to do clinic hours thrice a week, conferences once a week (with the occasional extras), and devote the remainder of the time to four or five projects that I really should complete prior to my moving on to the actual workforce.  And, there’s the really important stuff, like Balticon. 🙂 As with most things I obliquely mention, more on that soon. Speaking of which, the previously promised commentaries will be forthcoming in the next few days.

Laura’s been visiting the real Mr. Burns this weekend, and is driving back from Kentucky as I type this. I’ve been doing lots of (attempted) catching up on work, life, and house things after the Bational Minstitutes of Nealth spat me out, used and icky, on Tuesday. Unfortunately, getting anything accomplished makes me aware of 10 other things screaming for my attention… yes, a year off would probably about do it in terms of getting “caught up.” Wishful thinking, most likely.

So I actually lept on the bandwagon, and I now have a LiveJournal site (with a vastly witty title – thanks for the props Mur!), a Facebook account, and a Twitter account. Shiny, the both of them, although I must admit that figuring out what I’m specifically going to use my four+ websites/blogs for, as well as this Twitter thing many seem so a-twitter about, is a bit confounding. I am open to suggestions

Soon Laura is home, and soon after to sleep, and soon after to waking, and soon after back to all the screaming stuff…

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