An Interesting Month

So I said here.

And so it has been.

Likely nothing further will crop up here until this coming weekend, or a few days beyond that into May. A few brief thoughts:

RavenCon, this past weekend, was brilliant. I have much more to say about this.

SHEA, the weekend prior, was both fun and productive. I have a bit more to say about this.

My current rotation, at a place that rhymes with Bational Minstitutes of Nealth, has been overwhelming annihiliatory to my time and energy. It hasn’t been all bad, but it’s been just a bit too much. 8 days remain…

There was a birthday in there somewhere, as well. Someone made it an amazing occasion, for the brief time available to celebrate.

Back to the grind… and the mantra…

8 days remain.

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