And so, it begins…

Greetings! I’ve finally broken down, weeping and curled in a fetus-like ball in the back corner of our computer room, and transitioned the site from the Old School HTML to this newfangled WordPress shinyness.

I feel so… dirty.

The truth is that having a “bloggy” setup will actually encourage me to actually do constructive things with the site, like, say, update more than once every few months… put up relavent and entertaining content… and keep y’all informed as to where I’m treading in this crazy world.

While I remain uber-swamped with the ever-present Things I Need To Do, having a new and shiny toy always serves as a good nidus for procrastination, so look forward to more posts, tweaks, and content over the days and weeks to come.

I feel the need to leave you with an ominous laugh, but I have no good transition lined up, so here you go:


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