Evening Rounds – Playing for Keeps, the podcast novel, drops November 1

My backlog of intended posts continue to grow… but such is the way of things. Various obligations, both professional and personal, have conspired to steal my time, and will continue to do so for at least the next couple of weeks. The Infectious Diseases board exam is on October 30, and so my preparation for that continues to intensify. As always, I hope to say more here shortly, but little may happen before then. For now, though, an important note:

Mur Lafferty‘s latest novel, Playing for Keeps, debuts as a free audio podcast on November 1. Think unlikely superheroes with unusual powers, with an excellent blend of drama and humor, and you’re on the right track. The website is currently a placeholder, but will be up and functional in a matter of days. Mur is an amazing author, as evidenced by her current podcast novel series Heaven, and Playing for Keeps has my highest recommendation. Be sure to check it out on November 1! More on this as the time grows closer…

2 thoughts on “Evening Rounds – Playing for Keeps, the podcast novel, drops November 1”

  1. Best of everything on the exams. Maybe Mur and you can do a podcast of what it was like.
    I cover you with the blood of the Lamb

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