Ravencon 2009, This Weekend

Once again, Laura and I are shambling down to Ravencon this weekend as science guests.  We will be participating in, or at least hanging out at, the following:

  • The Impact of Digital Media (Friday, 6pm, Dogwood) – Cmar – In which we discuss how a digital mediorite impact wiped out the dinosaurs.
  • Opening Ceremonies (Friday, 7:30pm, Dogwood/Cardinal) – I suppose we should stop by.
  • FuMP Concert (Friday, 9pm, Dogwood/Cardinal) – In which we will attempt to be Devo Spice‘s fangirls in Mur‘s absence.
  • Bio-ethics? Just ethics in disguise? (Saturday, 4pm, Rappahanock) – Cmar – In which we philosophize about ethics and stealth.
  • Mr. Adventure Live! (Saturday, 5pm, Dogwood) – Cmar – In which Mr. Adventure will have another amazing adventure, and I shall speak in a funny voice.
  • Soapbox: Space Exploration (Saturday, 7pm, Potomac) – Laura – In which Laura pwns MacGuyver by detailing her plan to construct a space exploration vehicle out of naught but disused soap containers and spent cat fur.
  • 5 Years in the Future (Saturday, 7pm, Rappahanock) – Cmar & Quantum Laura – In which the future of science will be predicted.
  • Cubic Foot of Wonder (Saturday, 11pm, Potomac) – Laura – In which the wonders of cubic feet are gleefully explored.
  • Space: There and Back Again (Sunday, 10am, Rappahanock) – Laura – In which the Hobbit is re-imagined as post-modern space opera.

At least, I think that’s what the panels will be about. One can never tell.

Ravencon 2009 is April 24-26 at the Crowne Plaza West in Richmond, VA, and lives online here. If you happen by, be sure to say hello.

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