You Swine, You

WHFS Ask the ExpertMan, I leave to enjoy Ravencon and a trip to the APDIM conference in Dallas, and all manner of over-sensationalized porcine plague panic breaks loose.

If only you people would just stop doing this.

Because of your bestial transgressions, I’ll be on the Ask the Expert show this Sunday, May 3, from 08:00-09:00 EST on WHFS 105.7 FM radio. Along with Jackie Daley, Director of Sinai Hospital’s Infection Prevention and Control division, we’ll discuss all things related to the swine-origin influenza outbreak, and take listener calls. I expect that, once again, I’ll be discussing the most prominent of Lafferty’s Ruleswash your hands. You can tune in directly if you are in the Baltimore area, or check out the live feed from their website.

For more loads more information, and my more doctorly assessment of these infectious piggy proceedings, check out my post on the LifeBridge Health blog.

2 thoughts on “You Swine, You”

  1. Sir, you should NEVER buy dice from that bin.

    At least not without a hefty coating of hand sanitizer and using tongs.

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