Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron

Through fortuitous circumstances, two cases arrived at Calvert (one of my three local Beer Meccas) the day before I stopped by. As I’ve been looking forward to this new release from Dogfish Head, as previously described, I walked away with a nice supply.


Scoring (in solidarity with Charlie the Beer Guy):

  • Appearance: 9 – Pours a completely opaque dark brown that is nearly black, and impenetrable to light. Topped with a thick, sudsy brown head that fades slowly to a thin lace. Looks beautiful!
  • Aroma: 7 – Malty, with caramel notes, and a surprising lack of alcohol for its ABV. Tempting, but relatively mild.
  • Taste: 8 – Sweet and malty, with predominant caramel and vanilla notes, with a slight hint of coffee. Notable but mild smokiness appears midway. No lingering aftertaste.
  • Mouthfeel: 8 – Moderate to slightly heavy, but not cloying. Very smooth.
  • Holistic: 8 – Tasty, very well-balanced, and more subtle than expected. If it’s possible for a brew of this strength to be smooth and balanced enough to be a session beer, then this is it.
  • Overall: 40 – I am very impressed. Dogfish Head has pulled off subtle artistry where I was expecting something more pronounced, and in a beer style that’s not my first choice. I’ll definitely be seeking out the Palo Santo Marron when it’s available.

One thought on “Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron”

  1. That sounds fantastic! I’ll have to try to find a place I can pick up some Palo Santo Marron and WWS if I can find it. Or if I can find folks locally to find and hold some for me. =)

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