NASFiC, incoming

ReConStruction, The 10th Occasional North American Science Fiction Convention, image via
ReConStruction, The 10th Occasional North American Science Fiction Convention, image via

When Worldcon leaves the sacred earth of North America for a year, we United-Can-Mex-Americans get all uppity and insist on still having a big literary-focused sci-fi convention on our own soil. Thus, the North American Science Fiction Convention was born, and I will be puffing out my chest in continental pride with other attendees this coming weekend. I have the pleasure of being a science guest, and have been recruited on to the following group activities:

  • Science Which We All Know Is Wrong – Friday, 11am, RCC 306A
  • What Podcasts Can Do For You – Saturday, 10:30am, RCC 203
  • Health and Today’s Fandom – Saturday, 3pm, RCC 305B
  • Where Are The Next Mad Scientists – Saturday, 8pm, RCC 306B

Laura is also joining in the science guesthood fun, and will be enriching these panels:

  • So You Want To Be An Astronaut – Thursday, 7pm, RCC 306B
  • Space Law – Friday, 3pm, RCC 306B

ReConStruction is running from August 5-8, 2010, in Raleigh, NC at the convention center and associated hotels. As always, I will be intermittently Tweeting the oddness, and feel free to say hi if you stop by!

2 thoughts on “NASFiC, incoming”

  1. I am intrigued by the “Science Which We All Know is Wrong” panel. What’s that one all about? And “Space Law” sounds pretty sweet too. Yes, I am a nerd.

    Any chance of recordings for those of us not cool enough to attend? Also, why do you have to do all the good panels at cons I can’t go to? (‘Cause, y’know, I get to go to so many cons…)

  2. I am intrigued by said panel, as well… they didn’t provide any descriptions to clue me in to what the person was thinking when they suggested it. I can see it going into some very good directions, or some very bad ones.

    Allow me to join you in your nerdery about “Space Law” – that sounds pretty cool.

    As to recording, I’ll have to see. Apart from the podcasting panel I’m on, I expect there might be some issues with permissions and such, let alone equipment.

    And I do the good panels at the cons you don’t attend to roundly mock you for your absence, to teach you a lesson, etc. 🙂

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