Balticon goings-on

I will be at Balticon this weekend at the Hunt Valley Inn in, uh, Hunt Valley, MD, talking all manner of science-y things. My official stuff includes:

  • Friday, 5:00pmMonsters Versus Aliens – The indefatigable Bruce Press shall lead a panel comprised of A. Kovacs, Scott Sigler, and yours truly on an @Midnight-style competition based off science and skeptical topics recently in the news.
  • Saturday, 5pmIn The Hot Seat – Possibly the most random panel ever, in which a motley collection of authors and science-types are assembled to attempt to answer any question posed to us.
  • Monday, 9amSYPHILIS~!, Or, I Know What You Did Last Night – At long last, I will be giving a solo talk on my all-time favorite infectious disease.
  • Monday, 11amMedicine In Science Fiction – A group of us shall rant/discuss/enumerate on the right and the wrong of incorporating medical science into speculative fiction.
  • Monday, 2pmDealing With Drug Addiction In Science Fiction – A panel of us will chat about the good, bad, and the ugly of dealing with the topic of drug addiction in speculative fiction.

Please feel free to say hello if you happen by, or to track me by my pithy comments and observations.