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Offending a God

I am guilty of at least two offenses to Nuggan. The first offense is my tolerance and ownership of these, which are abominations unto Nuggan:

Obligatory Cat PhotoThe second occurred as a the result of a broken toe, incurred while chasing around this vile beast:

Phobos and the Aggressive Cuddle Assault 3As a consequence, I found myself in need of footwear that would allow for comfortable healing of said toe, while providing sufficient protection in a manner appropriate to a hospital setting. And so it came to pass that there was only one option, which was truly a new and heretofore previously undescribed abomination unto Nuggan – a pair of XXL black Beach Crocs:

Evil, Yet Comfortable, FootwearThese wretched “shoes,” comprised of naught but formed rubberized plastic, are nothing short of stylistic and environmental blasphemy. The truth of this is proclaimed here, and the militant prophets of Nuggan have demonstrated the only appropriate uses for them here and here.

I am contrite, and seek Nuggan’s forgiveness.