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Fight the flu. Come to a Tweetup.

A series of events in a schizophrenic Choose Your Own Adventure novel?  No.

Two of the least fruitful commands to attempt in any of the Zork games?  Perhaps.

Seemingly unrelated but inexplicably intertwined items on my to-do list for Thursday evening?  Quite so.

From Lifebridge Health’s website:

When: Thursday, October 15, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Where: Little Havana,
1325 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230

What: To kick off cold and flu season (i.e., help people avoid getting sick), LifeBridge Health is hosting a Tweetup. Join Sinai’s John Cmar, M.D., (@cmaaarrr) and LifeBridge infectious disease experts for giveaways, door prizes and a look at what we’re doing to spread the word about the importance of washing your hands.

Here’s your chance to meet other Baltimore Tweeps face-to-face for happy hour. Enter our fishbowl raffle, and you could win a GPS Garmin, a French press, Little Havana gift certificates and more!

Cost: Free. Guests may purchase food and drinks.

Questions? Tweet us at @LBHealth.

Visit for more ways to beat colds and flu (both H1N1 and seasonal) this year.

For the record, I did suggest a Cuban martial artist with the word FLU tattooed across his bare chest be at the Tweetup to randomly spar with attendees, but that idea was summarily rejected. “It was his hourly fee, or the GPS” I was told. I still maintain that would have been a better raffle prize…

Pit-fighting or no, if you are in the Baltimore area, stop by Little Havana on Thursday evening.  It will be fun, because I will make it so.  And don’t think I can’t.

radio barbeque post-mortem

The radio experience was quite fun this morning, involving a lively discussion with Jackie about her role at Sinai, and how that relates to such bugs as swine-origin influenza and MRSA.  Callers asked some interesting questions about eye, bone, and prostate infections, which added some variety to the proceedings.  I decided to experiment with asking my Twitter followers for questions as well, and they did not disappoint – many thanks to Jim/Pink Tornado and Vividmuse for their contributions!  I even got an SMS question from Frank that I tried to slide in at the end, although there wasn’t enough time to do it justice.

In theory, the shows are archived and available as podcasts, although the archiving is incomplete and there isn’t any RSS-related “podcasting” to speak of.  Hopefully, that will fixed in the near future.  Not that there are any future plans, or anything…  *insert evil laughter here*

Twitter Amuses

Apparently, it’s a new year. And I have a blog. I suppose I’ll have to do something about that.

This morning, I awoke to the following two messages next to each other in my feed. In hindsight, they summed things up quite nicely:

@jchutchins Welcome up! Amplify your bliss!

@warrenellis uurrrrrgggg groan fuck shit morning where are my clothes and my spare internal organs damnit

That is all.