radio barbeque post-mortem

The radio experience was quite fun this morning, involving a lively discussion with Jackie about her role at Sinai, and how that relates to such bugs as swine-origin influenza and MRSA.  Callers asked some interesting questions about eye, bone, and prostate infections, which added some variety to the proceedings.  I decided to experiment with asking my Twitter followers for questions as well, and they did not disappoint – many thanks to Jim/Pink Tornado and Vividmuse for their contributions!  I even got an SMS question from Frank that I tried to slide in at the end, although there wasn’t enough time to do it justice.

In theory, the shows are archived and available as podcasts, although the archiving is incomplete and there isn’t any RSS-related “podcasting” to speak of.  Hopefully, that will fixed in the near future.  Not that there are any future plans, or anything…  *insert evil laughter here*

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