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WHFS Ask the Expert

A blast was had at Balticon, and I was immediately spit back out into the work week with a serious case of con fatigue.  Fear not, an actual con recap is on the way!

You may gasp in amazement, but only once.  I’ll wait.

For now, I’m pleased to report that I’ll be on the Ask the Expert show this Sunday, May 31, from 08:00-09:00 EST on WHFS 105.7 FM radio…  although this time, as the host.  Our regular hostess, the lovely and talented Rudy Miller, will be taking a much deserved vacation, and left the reigns of this week’s show in my clutching, purulent hands.  My erstwhile radio partner in crime, Jackie Daley, will join me as a guest to give an update on how the swine-origin influenza outbreak has progressed, other infectious topics, and take listener calls. The most prominent of Lafferty’s Rules will again be prominent – wash your hands. You can tune in directly if you are in the Baltimore area, or check out the live feed from their website.

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