directing you to read of blood and death

You don’t need to know exactly why is this is important to me right now – just know that you need to go here now and read this. I’ll explain later. In case you need a tease:

When there are no more heroes, there are no more gladiators.

Why does it matter? Gladiators are, and have always been, an important measure of a society. They’re the ultimate expression of our collective base desires, our darker angels. Do we choose to elevate men and women of steel who cling to arcane concepts like honor and nobility, or do we just want to get smashed out of our fat fucking consumerist skulls and give market shares to an unskilled Aryan gorilla and his corporate puppet masters?

Matt has captured the great spirit of an important thing, shaped it into words, and made them do his bidding.

4 thoughts on “directing you to read of blood and death”

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve forwarded this highly important topic on to my legions… *ahem* of followers.

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