Dragon*Con 2008 Schedule

First, it must be noted that Playing for Keeps hit #16 overall in books on Amazon yesterday. Congratulations Mur!

Dragon*Con is almost upon us. This year, I have the pleasure of being a guest on the science track, as well as participating in podcasting track events. If you happen to find yourself at this absolute zoo of a con, please feel free to stop by and say hello. If you are in the area, and not planning on being at the con, then seriously – it’s a zoo. Stop by and feed the animals. And say hello! Events I am involved with include:

  • Science Based Medicine: Spotting the Quacks, Charlatans & Those Elixer of Life Salesmen – Physicians save lives and they learn to do so by many years of training in a variety of sciences. Hear how to tell the difference between which Doctor and/or medicine is real and which Witch Doctor will take your money – and maybe your life! Friday, 5:30pm, Henry (Hilton)
  • Emerging Infectious Horrors! – What new viral apocalypse or creeping deaths are keeping the CDC busy while we are partying at Dragon*Con? Come hear the latest about infectious horrors, both old and new, and what’s being done about them. Friday, 8:30pm, Henry (Hilton)
  • Aliens You Will Meet Puppet Show, Live! – It will be made of felt, fur, and awesome. (Obviously, not the description stolen from the program.) Saturday, 5:30pm, Rockdale (Hilton)
  • The Third Annual Parsec Awards – Join us for the Third Annual Parsec Awards hosted by some your favorite podcasters. The Parsec Award is available for Sci-fi & Fantasy Original Content, Speculative Fiction and a variety of other categories dealing with the new frontiers of Portable Media. Saturday, 7:00pm, Regency V (Hyatt)
  • A Bloody, Burning, Painful Death . . . Is Coming for You! – Viral hemorrhagic fevers are among the most horrible infections to die from. What different kinds are there? What makes them so nasty? And, I’ve got nothing to worry about here in the USA… right? RIGHT?  ***** GRAPHIC PICTURES, NOT FOR CHILDREN ***** Sunday, 5:30pm, Henry (Hilton)
  • Strange but True Scientific Research: Inspired by the IgNobel Prizes & the Annals of Improbable Research – Elephants on acid?  Glow in the dark kittens?  Fainting goats?  Hamsters on Viagra?!  The world of scientific research includes many strange and fascinating phenomena.  Come and be amused and perhaps a bit enlightened about what the strangest areas of research have to teach us. Sunday, 7:00pm, Henry (Hilton)

There will be a con report, I promise. (You will ignore the previously absent con reports. Yes, you will.)

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  1. @Earl – Indeed, you did, but the awesomeness of your acceptance video was VAST.

    And who knows? You may have another opportunity to catch said hosting next year… 😉

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