Farpoint 2009, This Weekend

Good Cthulhu in R’lyeh! Convention season is already here…

Last year was my first at Farpoint, and it proved to be an awesome time, relaxed and relatively low-key.

Dammit if we didn’t have to go and mess with things.  This time around, Laura and I are both involved in the Science and Podcasting tracks.  And in looking at the schedule as I type this, that’s… somewhat of an understatement.  To wit, said involvement:

  • Podcasters Roundtable (Saturday, 9am, Ridgely 1) and Meet the Brains (Saturday, 9am, Ridgely 2) – Laura, John – The intro panels for both tracks, fighting an epic battle to decide the fate of both audio and science. Or something. We’ll be around.
  • Aliens You Will Meet presents: Space Piracy, Yes or No? (Saturday, 1pm, Ridgely 1) – John – This is going to be serious fun.  Puppets…  weapons…  and the most important debate of our time.
  • Not What You Believe, But Why (Saturday, 3pm, Ridgely 2) – Laura, John – Self-evident, I think.
  • The Mythical Controversy of Vaccines and Autism (Saturday, 5pm, Ridgely 2) – John – Vaccines don’t cause autism, and the myth that they do has had fatal consequences.  Need I say more?  Well… I will.
  • Geeks In The House (Sunday, 9am, Ridgely 2) – Laura, John – I really have no idea.  I may need geeky bling.
  • What Darwin Did Not Know (Sunday, 10am, Ridgely 2) – John – It’s Darwin Day, don’t you know.
  • James Webb Space Telescope (Sunday, 11am, Ridgely 2) – Laura – In which Laura will speak about her orbital death ra- uh, I mean way-cool space telescope!
  • Public Space, Private Space (Sunday, 1pm, Ridgely 2) – Laura – In which the merits of these spheres of the space industry will be discussed, and Laura will speak on her orbital death ray.  If you’re lucky.
  • Dear Doctor: Ask A Brain (Sunday, 3pm, Ridgely 2) – Laura, John – I’d prefer questions be directed to my ear-flesh, as opposed to my brain directly.
  • Science and Education (Sunday, 4pm, Ridgely 2) – Laura, John – Also self-evident, I think.

Farpoint 2009 is February 13-15 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Timonium, MD, and lives online here.  If you happen by, be sure to say hello.

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