Midday On Health: Quick Segment On Ebola & Enterovirus D68

CC BY-NC-SA image by Army Medicine on Flickr
CC BY-NC-SA image by Army Medicine on Flickr

Last Thursday I did a quick segment on Midday with Dan Rodricks on 88.1 WYPR Baltimore. We discussed the latest issues involved in the spiraling Ebola epidemic, as well as the spreading Enterovirus D68 in the United States, which fortunately has claimed no lives as yet but has made many children critically ill.

For your streaming and/or podcasting pleasure, the show can be found here.


  • In our enthusiasm for making sure we hit all the high points in the short time allotted to us, we mis-stated (as was identified by a later caller to the program) that Ghana was one of the countries affected by the Ebola outbreak; Ghana is fine on this front, and we meant to say Guinea. Oops. Apologies.
  • One thing we discussed was the different modes of transmission of Ebola, which Vincent Racaniello excellently tackles over at the Virology Blog.
  • While we weren’t able to devote much time to Enterovirus D68, the CDC has a useful FAQ up here for those seeking more information.

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