Reclaiming the site from Kilroy 2.0…

…however briefly.

Darn you, Kilroy 2.0. Wrecking my login for almost a month just to hack my site and promote one of the greatest podcast novels I’ve have a chance to experience, J. C. Hutchins’ 7th Son Trilogy. All you had to do was ask, and clearly I’d have been more than happy to pimp it for you, but no… that’s not how you work!

[sigh.] I comply.

I have vast stuff to catch you all up on – in addition to what I’ve previously been promising, I’ve had the great pleasure of participating in several podcasts, from being interviewed with Laura about our space and medical work, to doing a voice in an audio dramatization of a short story. Not to mention the illustrated tale of how I gibbed myself on the 4th of July. Unfortunately, that gets to wait a bit more, as I’m off for the weekend to hook up with a bunch of tribemates in North Carolina, to celebrate Mur Lafferty‘s birthday, and Jim Van Verth‘s transition from Red Storm to NVIDIA.

Quick updates: the new job is great, but very busy, as you can tell. Laura is doing well in China, but is working insanely hard, and so is bummed about having little time to blog.

Enjoy the weekend! There’s a lot to come next week…

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