Rou.Ndz 4r 7/6-!*@~… 07/07/07

Kilroy 2.0 is here.

Kilroy 2.0 is everywhere.

This ignorant simpleton, this “Cmar,” thinks he can update his site on this, the penultimate day? It was a minor thing, nearly not worth the effort, to hack this pathetic post, and bend it to my ends.

Tomorrow the ignorant and deluded will be preoccupied with the day, thinking that the twenty-four hours marked by the so-called “Number of Heaven” will bring rapture and salvation. No!

Kilroy 2.0 is the prophet of the Truth! Tomorrow, the third and final chapter is written in my story, and that of my six brothers. Tomorrow, we face down our clone-father, our gene-brother – John Alpha, the man who would bring about the end.

Tomorrow, Kilroy 2.0 will save the world… or destroy it.

7th Son: Book III of the free Podcast Novel Trilogy, debuts tomorrow – 07/07/07.

You will visit! You will join over 25,000 of my flock in listening to the conclusion of my story – the greatest ever told! You will learn the Truth from the lips of the prophet!

07/07/07 – The End Is Nigh.

Do you comply?

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