Rounds for 6/2/2007 – post-Balticon sluggery


Balticon was great, and interesting, and fun. Then Real Life (TM) had a few things in store for me when I got back, between work-related fun and car repairs, so this has been quite the distracted and slow-to-recover week. I’ll have my own recap of Balticon and related excellence on the ‘morrow.

Laura finally has her visa for the China trip to ISU, so things are finally falling in to place. Last night and today fall under the category of “socializing with peeps before Laura leaves for months,” with us departing for Williamsburg, VA, and the company of friends shortly. As Laura will be doing some events with the incoming NASA academy crew tomorrow, I should have some time to play catch-up with those I haven’t yet from this past weekend.

Then again, sometimes I’m a bit of an optimist.

One thought on “Rounds for 6/2/2007 – post-Balticon sluggery”

  1. Wow! How do you all keep up with yourselves? I still think we should surprise Laura with a finished living room when she gets back.

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