sign of the Raven(con)

I’ll be heading down to Ravencon shortly in Richmond, VA – if you happen to be in the area, feel free to stop by and say howdy. It should be a good time, and at the very least, I WILL MAKE IT SO.


I’ll be adding wisdom and snark in equal measure to the following:

  • Staying Safe Online (Saturday, 12:00)
  • Every Generation Has It’s Own Disease (Saturday, 13:00)
  • Life Or Something Like It (Saturday, 20:00)
  • All A-Twitter (Sunday, 9:00)
  • Writing For Blogs (Sunday, 10:00)
  • A TARDIS Full Of Smallpox (Sunday, 13:00)

The Moon Ranger will be contributing to the following, with considerable more grace than I:

  • Landsat Data Continuity Mission (Saturday, 14:00)
  • All A-Twitter (Sunday, 9:00)

As always, I may telegraph my comments, and feel free to track me down that way as well.

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