Wish Upon A Blackstar, Chapter 1

I loves me the era of digital music.

Today marks the practical release date for the first two tracks of Celldweller‘s latest project, Wish Upon A Blackstar. I say “practical,” as yesterday was the actual release… and the FiXT store website has been down until today. One can only hope that this was due to the demanding hordes crashing against the gates of the interwebs, lusting for the latest tasty metalectronica.

I just download the two tracks that comprise Chapter 1, and they are most excellent. It appears that Klayton is releasing this project in 5 Chapters, which will comprise a full-length CD’s worth of material when complete. “Wish Upon A Blackstar” as a title comes from a synergy of the ideas of “wishing upon a star”… and “be careful, or you may just get what you wish for.”

Chapter 1 is available for a free listen at Celldweller’s Myspace site, and can be purchased for less that $2 at the FiXT store… unless you are a completest like me, and throw in an extra $3 for multiple beta tracks and commentary. Either way, it’s a sweet deal, and my appetite is duly whetted for Chapter 2.

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